BioPet Laboratories: About Us

DNA Research And Products

BioPet Laboratories provides state-of-the-art DNA testing for dogs and livestock.

Through this technology, we can help identify a particular animal through its unique DNA markers, just like human DNA. BioPet Laboratories was founded in 2008 by Tom Boyd in Knoxville, TN, where the company still has its headquarters.

BioPet has patented technology for collected DNA information, which allows them to provide a variety of services.

PooPrints:  This is BioPet’s flagship product. This revolutionary product takes DNA markers in dog waste and identifies offending pets who leave their waste in public greenways, multifamily housing complexes, and parks. Logistically simple yet scientifically complex, pet owners are required to have their pet’s DNA on file through BioPet’s patented DNA World Pet Registry. For more information on PooPrints, you can visit

DiNA’s Treats: Through DNA testing, DiNA’s treats are made from 100% recognizable beef that has been DNA tested and verified, and it’s stamped on each back by way of a QR code. That means you can look up the bovine that your bag of DiNA’s treats came from.

DNA World Pet Registry: All DNA collected will be permanently stored electronically in our secure DNA World Pet Registry and physically in our bonded, climate controlled facility.

DNA Proof of Parentage: We offer accurate parentage testing for canines. The test compares the DNA of a puppy to its potential dam and sire.