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Canine Proof Of Parentage

Increase the value of your pedigrees with the best, most reliable, and now most cost-effective method for determining canine paternity…

DNA Proof of Parentage from BioPet Laboratories

  • Simply collect DNA samples from each of your dogs and mail them to our lab.
  • You will receive a login for your new account on the DNA World Pet Registry.
  • In as little as 2 weeks, you will be notified that your sample processing is complete.
  • Log in to the DNA World Pet Registry and execute a parentage test for each puppy.
  • When executing the convenient online parentage tool, you will receive a “Certified” or “Disqualified” result for each puppy.
  • A “Certified” result confirms the parentage, and you may then print or save a .pdf version of your DNA Certified Canine Certificate.
  • Visit our website (http://dnaproofofparentage.com/) to learn more about DNA Proof of Parentage.