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How Pet Poop DNA Testing Fixes Your Apartment Poop Problem

Pets and pet poop are a way of life in rental housing and if you want your rentals fully leased, pet owners are a key tenant demographic you want to keep and apartment pet poop DNA testing can be the key with

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40 Under 40: PooPrints' CEO J Retinger hopes to normalize doggy doo-doo DNA testing

BioPet is the parent company of PooPrints, a DNA-based dog waste management company that offers apartment management companies a way to be pet friendly while keeping owners accountable. A dog's DNA is registered and dog waste can be tested against the registry to find the offending tenant.

How Pet Poop DNA Testing Fixes Your Apartment Poop Problem

Ireland's Leitrim County is not playing around when it comes to keeping owners on top of curbing their dogs. After deciding that mere signs weren't enough to keep their public spaces clean, the town's council has decided to go full CSI-style in their efforts.

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Tracing Unscooped Dog Waste Back to the Culprit

Sherlock Holmes had the case of the dog that didn’t bark, but it has taken two dozen apartment complexes and a testing company in Tennessee to bring the art of canine detection into the “CSI” age.

Using DNA to catch canine culprits - and their owners

After the service was started a year ago, “we only had to test one sample,” Gillmer says of the only scatological crime since committed — only one! This in a building with 368 units and about 600 human and 60 canine residents. That’s the sort of success that law enforcement agencies can only dream of. Now, no one dares pooh-pooh the progress that has been made.

BioPet's gold mine: Doggy DNA

BioPet Vet Lab, developed a DNA-based system to help apartment managers and town administrators catch miscreants who ignore pooper-scooper rules. The system, called PooPrints, collects saliva swabs from every dog in a participating area and registers the DNA in a central database. When residents find dog droppings, they mail them to BioPet. Technicians then match the DNA to reveal the offending owner.


Dog-poop DNA tests nail non-scoopers

A company called BioPet Vet Lab, out of Knoxville, Tenn., says its PooPrints testing kits are now in 26 apartment and condo complexes and homeowner associations in greater Seattle. You see, some of the tenants, they let their pets do their business pretty much anywhere.

DNA testing could solve condos' messy mystery

Someone of the canine persuasion has been leaving his business all over the Scarlett Place condominiums near the Inner Harbor. And the condo board says the only way to find the culprit: mandated DNA tests for every dog in the building.

Chicago apartment building using DNA testing to catch dog poop scofflaws

Determined to get to the bottom of an ongoing dog waste problem, management at one pet-friendly West Loop rental apartment building has turned to a high-tech solution — feces forensics. Dog poop that goes unscooped will now be submitted for DNA testing in an effort to get sanitation scofflaws to clean up their act.

DNA-testing dog poo? You’d have to be Barking!

Keep your eyes open for dog mess if you are walking in the London borough of Barking & Dagenham. Do not tread on it. That mess is evidence. Soon someone will be along with a little sample pot to scoop up a thimbleful and take it off to the lab. And when, in several months’ or years’ time, the 18,000 dogs of the borough have all registered their DNA, the owner of the dog who left that mess will be brought to justice.

Cracking down on dog muck: Councils start using DNA tests to catch owners that let pets foul in streets and parks

Local authorities around the world are turning to DNA testing, which uses genetic analysis to identify dogs responsible for waste left in the streets and parks, to catch those responsible. It uses forensic-style techniques to match dog mess to a database of animals so their owners can be issued with fines or even prosecuted.

This company brings in $7 million a year testing dog poop DNA to catch non-scoopers

one day Chesleigh Fields, the lab’s 35-year-old chief scientist with a master’s degree in forensic DNA and serology, had an idea: Why not use DNA to figure out which dogs (and dog owners) left pet poop unscooped? She could use her background in forensics to bring awareness to a problem recognized globally as a health hazard. “You take an unknown, and you match it to a known,” she says. Dog feces attract rats. She could create the CSI of dog doo!


Dog DNA tracking could reduce unscooped poop: West Vancouver councillor

The idea of creating dog DNA databases to reduce undesired droppings isn't a new one. Condos and landlords have been creating databases across North America in recent years. The U.S. company BioPet Laboratories specializes in dog and dog poop matching, with clients in the U.S., Canada, and the United Kingdom.


Apartment Complex Is Using DNA to Link Dogs to Poop That Isn't Picked Up to Hold Owners Accountable

At a St. Louis apartment complex, tenants will be faced with serious consequences if they leave behind their dog's poop. The downtown Gallery 1014 Luxury Apartments upholds its strict no poop policy, and by providing residents with pooper scoopers and waste bags, "there's really no excuse to not pick it up," resident Jake Bearden, who is dog dad to Dewey and Dog.