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BioPet Laboratories is an international biotechnology company specializing in animal genetics.


Our full-service laboratory located in Knoxville, TN provides comprehensive DNA analysis, reporting,
research, and development.


BioPet Laboratories conforms to all International
Standards under the ISO 17025:2005 for testing




PooPrints – The DNA Solution to Dog Waste

This revolutionary product takes DNA markers in dog waste
and identifies offending pets who leave their waste in public
greenways, multifamily housing complexes, and parks.


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DNA World Pet Registry

Our patented DNA database provides subscribers 24/7 access to the DNA markers found in registered dogs.

The DNA World Pet registry is the secure hosted database that manages the canine DNA and provides communities and organizations with administrative tools to perform the duties required to run the PooPrints and Travel Dog Programs.





Travel Dog

DNA Proof of Responsible Dog Ownership

The Travel Dog Program by BioPet Laboratories allows pet owners to register their pets in our DNA World Pet Registry using a simple DNA sample. Through the program, dog owners will gain peace of mind knowing they will be able to display responsible pet ownership, having ultimate proof that any waste left behind was not a fault of theirs.





DNA Livestock Registry

Increase Herd Productivity And Profits With DNA Testing

The DNA World Livestock Registry is a free online herd management system using DNA testing at its core. DNA samples submitted to BioPet Laboratories will be available for you to run online parentage tools by simply typing in the animal ID number. Reports are generated for you to view all results and view progeny by sire.